Our parish provides spiritual outreach to others through our Prayer Chain ministry.  Contact the parish office when a spiritual need arises - perhaps surgery, an illness, a death, or another concern.  The secretary will then alert several people in the community to pray for your intention.  The intention will be mentioned in a generic manner so that privacy can be maintained.  Prayer intentions may also be included in the Book of Prayers located at each church.  We pray for these concerns at each Mass.  Also let us know if you would like to be a member of the Prayer Chain.  You would receive a call to pray for an intention and then call the next person on the chain and ask for prayers.

Contact ... Judy Bosworth

“Individual prayer is like straw scattered over a field. If you set a straw alight, the flame is small. But if you gather up all the bits of straw the flame fills out, rising high up in the sky, and it is the same with communal prayer.” (Saint John Vianney)

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